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Our values and philosophy

We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy equal rights and to be heard. So we try to teach children about the importance of considering  opinions and  at the same time have their own voices over different matters. We accept and embrace each child without discrimination. Thus we are members of “Discrimination Free Zone”. Moreover we are not tolerating any kind of teasing and bullying in our small family. And we try to intervene these kind of issues on the first notice.

We believe in effective communication and try to provide family environment and welcome children together with their families. As strive being more than kindergarten rather nurturing partner in the lives of children for the sake of their happy and healthy growth.  In provision of better communication we use the help of “Kindiedays App”. Moreover we organize family nights and families are more than welcome to participate in the daily life of the kindergarten or give a hand in field trips or events.

Most importantly we believe that each child  should be able to express themselves safely and we pay big attention on promoting expressing and recognizing emotions. Our teachers believe that it the most iimportant key in the way of learning.

Children are curious learners by nature and they will learn in any circumstances, however we are there to allow them to play and  to enjoy their childhood with little direction and assistance.