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Tiny Hands English Kindergarten is located in Pasila region in Helsinki which  provides   childcare and education to children aged 1 to 6 years in a multicultural environment. We have created lovely, safe  and stimulating places where each child feels happy and grows in confidence. English is the primary language in our kindergarten and Finnish is taught to children in basic day needs level.  We focus on each child’s individual needs and development. Our experienced teachers encourage creativity and learning through fun and play. International environment is also an opportunity where children learn about other cultures.

We organize many trips and we walk to different local parks regularly. We believe that  active children are happy children!


Every child is unique and deserves  high quality care and education

We aimed to pay particular attention to each child’s individual needs by creating small groups. Every child is encouraged to fulfil their dreams and ambitions. Every child has  its own unique development  and it is vital they receive great attention and support.

We believe that to educate confident   children takes place in the early years and therefore our experienced teachers encourage and support each child’s development. Furthermore, a good quality day care should promote healthy growth through plenty of exercise outside and correct nutrition.

Children have the right to play and have fun

Children learn effectively when they are active and playing. Play has important role in a child’s physical, personal and social development. We have play-based daily outdoor activities.

​During outdoor play, children have the freedom to express  and they are encouraged to be more enthusiastic and energetic. Outdoor activities enables to the children to observe the life in a natural way. Exercise is the foundation for the child’s wellbeing and it helps to promote a good healthy lifestyle. Outdoor play also allows the children to acquire good control of their body which enhances a healthy self-esteem.

Caring for the environment, ourselves and for each other

Tiny Hands English Kindergarten  teach children how to care for their environment . We aim to reuse, repair and recycle materials that are used in the day care centre.

 We do care health of the children. The food we serve is fresh and include  balanced vitamins like vegetables or salad ,proteins ,and carbohydrates. This way we aim to supply a sustainable and healthy life style.

Our teachers  encourage children to use their own initiative and support them to become more independent and they are taught how to have good personal hygiene.

The kindergarten takes a whole approach that promotes cooperation amongst the children. The teachers  organize activities that develop team working and social skills. The day care, tolerance and understanding of others and different cultures is encouraged. Children are taught to play together and share.